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Speak2 has changed the way we operate and service requests. It's given us much better information about what our residents want on a daily basis, and makes it a lot easier to speak with the families. It's been a game-changer. Executive Director, San Diego
We consider ourselves to be innovators in the Senior Living space. With technology like Speak2, we keep our residents more connected. Especially with their families. Having family members send regular updates means the residents aren't isolated, they are in touch with the people they love. It's great for them. Director of Culture, Culpeper, Virginia
It's great, it's really great. Now residents can just ask for the things they need. If they want to know what's going on that day, they just ask. They don't have to push their call bell just to hear the menu. It keeps them connected and makes my life easier. Activities Director, Crozet, Virginia

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