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Improving our elder’s quality of life and engagement

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Voice Command Made Simple

A Request Is Made By Voice

“I need help.”
“There is a spill in my room.”
“I’m cold”
“I’m hungry”

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The Request is Routed to the Correct Team or Person

We provide visibility across all requests or filtered based on role. Our simple workflow engine allows for flexible, personalized adjustments in real-time.

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Request Resolved

Requests for housekeeping, food service or other non-health care activities can be routed directly to the right people via a simple voice request. No complicated remotes or dialing of extensions. Resident satisfaction is improved and measured.

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Apps and Notifications

Connecting people in real time so they can provide outstanding service.

Better Care

360 degree insight for all staff so you can deploy and react appropriately.

Increase Value

Raise your value by providing innovative solutions that make your residents and family members safer and more satisfied.

Third-Party Integration

Interact with existing systems like PointClickCare to get the most from your existing investments.


Measure your true activity and execution via dashboards and manage your funding where most needed.

Professional Success

Provide outstanding and innovative service to your customers and increase employee satisfaction.

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Voice Command for Assisted Living, Senior Living and Skilled Nursing Facilities.

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