Engagement, Efficiency and Satisfaction

Speak2 enables residents to get information, communicate with family and make requests. Easily share information like menus and daily activities, make announcements and connect family members, all through an Alexa device.

We can also integrate to your existing pull cord system. This means that instead of requiring a resident to move to the location of the pull cord, they can get the same level of attention from anywhere in their room. What happens if they pull the cord? The same thing that happens now, with the addition of the pull event being captured by our system.

Your Residents

  • Faster Time to Service

  • More Responsive and Interactive Experience

  • Ability to Provide Direct, Real-Time Feedback

  • Effortlessly Communicate With Facility & Family

  • Receive Information & Services like events and menus

  • More Informed with Reminders and Workflow Driven Alerts

Your Staff

  • Focus on Role Appropriate Activities

  • Lower Time Spent on Data Entry

  • Visibility to Cross Functional Teams and Tasks

  • Improve environmental performance

  • Real-world Feedback to Management on Unscheduled Activity

  • Enhance Skills and Professional Capabilities

Your Management

  • Lower Operational Costs

  • Attract Customers with Innovative Service

  • Improve Customer Service

  • Lower Head Count

  • Real-Time Reports & Analytics

  • Employee Performance Metrics

  • Replace older, more expensive equipment

  • Enhance Value of Existing Investments like Epic

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Attract new clients

Providing Speak2 increases your ability to sell your facility to new clients. You can easily impress a potential new resident when giving a tour of your facility by demonstrating Speak2. For the family member, being able to send messages, receive updates about a loved ones’ schedule, alerts and care plan becomes much more attainable when using Speak2. Knowing that their loved one can interact with their TV and environment in a safe way, and stay entertained and engaged will help with their overall health. These are key selling points for your facility.

Gain insights and efficiencies

Operational and support staff are the daily drivers of success. Being able to staff your shifts and have insight into how your facility is operating can save significant money.  Consider requests that are lost, unaddressed or take away from other tasks. Having the ability to respond with the right people, at the right time, and have full visibility and reporting on what you’re really encountering on a daily basis, is invaluable. Providing a more direct and succinct way to communicate will immediately improve performance. More importantly, Speak2 provides real-time data and analytics. This enables administration and management to get a clear picture of what staff is needed, at what time, and performing which activities. Measurement is key to improving efficiency and Speak2 delivers.

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