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What is the best possible experience for labor and delivery? A nurturing environment. More space and comfort for visitors, with flexible hours. Availability of lactation specialists. How about jacuzzi and hotel-style room service. And maybe even a 24/7 concierge. If that seems expensive and unrealistic, think again. With Speak2, there is a full-time concierge ready to serve you for your entire stay. Just ask for what you need, and the right people are notified. You get updates and reminders, along with dozens of other amenities like controlling the environment and TV, listening to music, sending regular updates to friends and family, making calls, and more. All by just speaking to your personal concierge.

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Your Residents

  • Faster Time to Service

  • More Responsive and Interactive Experience

  • Ability to Provide Direct, Real-Time Feedback

  • Effortlessly Communicate With Facility & Family

  • Receive Information & Services like events and menus

  • More Informed with Reminders and Workflow Driven Alerts

Your Staff

  • Focus on Role Appropriate Activities

  • Lower Time Spent on Data Entry

  • Visibility to Cross Functional Teams and Tasks

  • Improve environmental performance

  • Real-world Feedback to Management on Unscheduled Activity

  • Enhance Skills and Professional Capabilities

Your Management

  • Lower Operational Costs

  • Attract Customers with Innovative Service

  • Improve Customer Service

  • Lower Head Count

  • Real-Time Reports & Analytics

  • Employee Performance Metrics

  • Replace older, more expensive equipment

  • Enhance Value of Existing Investments like Epic

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