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Speak2 For Assisted Living

See how Speak2 can help in your loved one’s community. From becoming better connected to your family, having more entertainment and engagement options, and having a 24/7 concierge in the home. Speak2 adds real value to your loved one’s life!

Speak2 For Home

This video is to demonstrate the value of Speak2 Software for those customers who are new to using a Voice Assistant and want to get started.  Speak2 provides everything you need to get up and running, and we help you adopt an Amazon Echo device for you and your loved one’s. We explain the features, train you how to use it, and manage the devices and features for you. See the video and purchase our Starter Kit package.

Introducing Speak2 Software

This video is our introduction to the market. It describes our service and how we can help our customers.

Speak2 Valet

Speak2 provides the easiest way for you to retrieve your vehicle. You can simply ask with your voice. You can also use more traditional methods like a web page or text. Getting in and out of your community should be as easy as possible, and Speak2 delivers.

Ask us about our technical videos!

If you would like to see more about the behind the scenes capabilities of Speak2, just let us know.