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Speak2 provides a senior-care focused solution. By enabling seniors to engage with technology using their voice and introducing the many features of voice/smart speaker technology, we enrich the well-being of the senior community.

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Enabling seniors to make request using voice commands

By enabling seniors to make requests using their voice and introducing the many features of voice/smart speaker technology, we enrich the well-being of the senior community.

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Increasing engagement for Seniors.

We are passionate about making the lives of our aging population better. We provide multiple features to lessen isolation and keep seniors more connected.

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Connect with Family

Our Speak2 Family feature allows friends & family to send messages to their loved one via a text, email or voice.

The Resident can simply ask to hear their stories and it is read to them - or played if sent as audio - and stay more connected with the people that are important to them.

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Voice commands for
assisted living

What is the best possible experience for your Residents? Hear the daily schedule, receive care plan alerts and appointment reminders. Music, books, weather. How about interacting with the facility by voice to get assistance? And because it is a voice request, you can alert the right people at the right time.

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Hear what our customers have to say about Speak2.

Speak2 has changed the way we operate and service requests. It's given us much better information about what our residents want on a daily basis, and makes it a lot easier to speak with the families. It's been a game-changer.

Executive Director

San Diego, CA

We consider ourselves to be innovators in the Senior Living space. With technology like Speak2, we keep our residents more connected. Especially with their families. Having family members send regular updates means the residents aren't isolated, they are in touch with the people they love. It's great for them.

Director of Culture

Culpeper, VA

It's great, it's really great. Now residents can just ask for the things they need. If they want to know what's going on that day, they just ask. They don't have to push their call bell just to hear the menu. It keeps them connected and makes my life easier.

Activities Director

Crozet, VA

Voice Command for Assisted Living, Senior Living and Skilled Nursing Facilities.

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