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Your Powerful Voice Platform
Voice Interaction Made Easy

Built on Amazon’s Alexa for Hospitality, we built a low-code interface that quickly enables custom business processes using voice, web or app. Our platform is built to accelerate your business, increase occupancy and integrate to your systems.

Voice Expertise, Alexa Management and an amazing Voice Platform

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As an Amazon for Hospitality partner, we have access to the entire AWS suite and can manage your Alexa devices from purchase to installation to day-to-day management!

Our Customers

We are so proud of the work we have done with Cedarhurst of Yorkville!  Watch this video to see the value of Alexa and Speak2!


We are proud to be recognized for our mission. We will continue to deliver to our customers and improve our products! Thank you to our customers who made these awards possible.

The Speak2 Advantage

Remove roadblocks. No invocation words.

1. Make it easier for residents to connect with Speak2 Family

2. Activity Director content, staff & family portal

3. Alert system integration

4. Custom management dashboards.

Resident Utilization in under 15 days.

The first 30 days is one us, if we don’t deliver, it is not cost to you!

  1. Quick 15-minute survey
  2. Our team sets you up. We integrate to PCC, pull cord or other systems.
  3. Train staff in ONE DAY.
  4. Our Activities Portal provides videos, printable cards for staff and residents.
  5. Monthly check-ins with Speak2 Support staff. Plus, our on-demand support system

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