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About Speak2

Many of us are fortunate enough to have had people in our lives that went out of their way for us. As those people age, things change and they need us to be there for them. Speak2 was created for my own parents. It matters.

Speak2 cares about our senior population. We believe senior living is about living, not aging. We provide innovative solutions in order to drive a fulfilling and healthy life in senior living. Speak2’s mission is to provide better care for our aging loved ones in senior living while lowering the cost of care. Plain and simple, we love what we do and we want to help people.

A unique way to partner


  • We are not selling a product, we partner with senior living communities and caregivers to make senior living a better experience. 

  • There is a shared cost model to families. This is a profit center!

  • We understand your business and the need for resident and family buy-in. Our value is obvious to families and residents!

  • Your biggest challenge – Staff! Will they adopt this? Do they even want it? They think the answer is no; let’s talk about why it is actually yes. Fear of tracking and more resident questions are far outweighed by the benefits. Change is scary, but it is necessary – especially in these times! Keep this quote in mind from a nurse we work with: “I was nervous that I’d get a million questions or it would break or whatever, and I didn’t want everyone tracking my time. But honestly they talk to Alexa about the menu and movies now. It actually freed up a bunch of my time”

  • I put my name and face to this partnership approach.  We believe we can make a difference if we work together. – Matt Smith, C.E.O., Speak2 Software

Matt Smith


Matt is passionate about improving the care and experience of our senior population. 

Will Strickland

Co-founder, Sales

Will is a strategic marketing and sales expert who is driving change in the Senior Living space. 

Morgan Cadmus

Special Advisor

Morgan holds a Master’s Degree in Aging Services Management & Gerontology from U.S.C. He is driving our vision!